Workspaces @ UNIBE

When you prepare for an exam silence and no distraction are key-elements. At the stuwo flat mostly everyone is calm and busy studying. However try out one of the facilities providing a study place, pack your books and papers and start on a empty desk with a silence surrounding, it has a positive effect on your learning progress. Find a suitable place at one of the workplaces in the link below when you study at UNIBE.

My Advice: When you learn for your exams, try to do it in the same way as if you are at the exam. Because as studies have proven, your brain connects the information that you read also with the situation / noises / places / smells / light / feelings /. In a similar situation the brain can easier and faster recall the information. Therefore try to integrate this knowledge in your studies and prepare in a way it helps.

When there are other students around you, it can simulate a kind of an exam situation. When you learn in this environment your brain can later on in the exam recall the necessary information better.

Learning Places, Does and Don’ts:
When you change your study habits from time to time, your brain may be better at absorbing information. For myself, to be honest, I have used various things from my studies, including reading books on the Aare, at the stuwo kitchen-table, and also in bed, because I thought it should be more fun, and it did. But I noticed that my sleep wasn’t as good as it was before, suddenly the bed became a place to work and I couldn’t relax in it like before. The work-spaces at Unibe some equiped with flip-charts or a cafeteria definitely helped me to improve my studies.

Brain booster yes or no:
Coffee, energy drinks, caffeine, the positive wish-effect is that you can concentrate on working longer. But after a while the amount has to be increased, otherwise you feel tired again, and there are sometimes side effects such as headache-dizziness, or simply too much adrenaline, which also leads to tension, cramping and nervousness …after 5pm you should stop to drink coffee. And all those brain booster pills that you can find online without knowing what’s inside, be careful …

Naturally healthy and balanced:
I recommend healthy, balanced and light meals especially at dinner. And find out if you are intolerante to some food ingredients. It has made a big difference for me to know what not to eat. This also helps: Sport, good motivational music, drink plenty of water, jump into the Aare, get into momentum and stay in the flow.