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Office: Altikofenstr. 62, 3048 Worblaufen
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Stuwo – your new home and your new friends. Stuwo, a place where the leaders of tomorrow meet. Network with foreign and local students. Help each other. Succeed with your studies. Progress.

Positive chain reaction
Every Stuwolaner tries to trigger a positive chain reaction, a friendly gesture, helping his roommates, cooking for everyone, organize an evening event or weekend trip.

Stuwolaners build on similarities
Instead of differences, a Stuwolaner focuses on similarities, and a friendship can flourish. Accept other opinions, don’t judge, let it be. A Stuwolaner recognizes that the world is colorful and diverse, if everyone thought and acted the same way, the world would be a boring place that would hardly develop.

Trust breeds trust. The integration of all roommates into the community provides security and promotes a prosperous coexistence.

Stuwolaners speak openly and honestly with one another. Misunderstandings and conflicts are addressed at an early stage and resolved with respect.